BROWN Baby Wipes – RED Limited Edition

Type: Red Limited Edition
Country of Origin : Republic of Korea
Packaging: 72 Sheets/packet
Weight: 75gsm±/Sheet
Size: 180x200mm±/Sheet
Natural Extract: ECOCERT Organic Ylang Ylang Extract

❌ Alcohol FREE❌ perfume FREE❌Paraben FREE
Hypoallergenic Tested
☑ Dermatology Tested
☑ FDA Test Method Certified
☑ GMP Certified
☑ ISO 9001 Certified
☑ ISO 14001 Certified
☑ Premium Embossing
☑ Double Sealing Cover Lid (Anti-dust, Retain Moisture and Prevent Secondary Contamination and Bacterial Growth)
☑ 7 Stages of Water Purification System (Even Cleaner than Drinking Water)
☑ Safe to make use of on Hand and Mouth as solely use Food Grade Ingredients
☑ Perfect for new child, Babies, Toddler and Adults

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