Top 12 Air Fryer MISTAKES → How to Use an Air Fryer

Learning how to use an air fryer? Today I’m serving to you out so that you don’t make any of those air fryer errors! *Here is my COOKBOOK!* → and my favourite air fryer:

A brand new air fryer could be a little intimidating, so at present I’ll empower you by answering that query, “how to use an air fryer” 🙂 put collectively this video as a companion to my different Air Fryer 101 video… with these two videos, you’ll really feel much more assured to use your air fryer.

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All About Smoke Points:
Smoke Point (or burning level) is the temperature at which an oil or fats begins to produce smoke. Every oil or fats has a unique temp that they’ll safely be cooked to.
The smoke level of butter, coconut oil, and EVOO is 350˚.
The smoke level of avocado oil is 375-400˚.
Vegetable oil and Peanut oil has the next smoke level of 45o˚
Canola oil has a smoke level of 400˚
More information right here:

0:00 Intro
0:43 Mistake One
1:37 Mistake Two
2:42 Mistake Three
3:57 What sort of oil
4:46 Mistake Four
5:15 Mistake Five
5:41 Mistake Six
6:15 Mistake Seven
6:39 Mistake Eight
7:50 Mistake Nine
8:11 Mistake Ten
8:40 Mistake Eleven
9:12 Mistake Twelve

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