15 DIY Baby Doll Hacks and Crafts / Miniature Baby, Crib, Diapers and More!

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12 Barbie and LOL Surprise DIYs / Doll Hospital Ideas:
In our new video, the Rapunzel doll prepares for the Baby to look. Rather, see new concepts for all the mandatory equipment for the new child.

Supplies and instruments:
• clear silicone band
• flower-shaped decorations
• textured cloth
• scissors
• thread
• needle
• tulle
• sparkly textured ribbon
• sticker ribbon
• foam paper
• textured foam paper
• stickers
• marker
• pipecleaner
• beads
• small decorations
• three-compartment container
• acrylic paint set
• sticker foam paper with glitter
• sock
• versatile wire
• scorching glue
• textile ribbon
• pom-pom ribbon
• wood signal that claims “Princess”
• liquid glitter
• rhinestones
• double-sided tape
• satin ribbon
• see-through cloth
• sequined ribbon
• book binding board

• alphabet beads
• wire
• folded paper
• accent chain
• rhinestones
• toothpick
• star-shaped bead
• wood star
• cloth flower
• shampoo bottle cap
• vine-shaped ribbon
• pom-poms
• common glue
• lipstick cap
• glittery foam paper
• geometry compass

• pin
• cardboard
• veneer sheets
• metallic decorations

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