Low cost sachet packaging machine for small business

0:00 packaging machine low cost kind demo
0:09 Filling supplies proven: Powder
0:14 Granules or stick kind product
0:18 Cereals
0:22 dessicant
0:28 Tea
0:33 Sunflower seeds
0:38 Flour
0:48 Packaging supplies &luggage samples demo: PE movie Aluminum foil movie Paper movie
1:41 Packaging machine examined for totally different filling supplies
1:51 Powder bagging for 1st machine in a row (three sides sealing kind luggage)
2:40 Stick kind merchandise packing machine for 2nd machine (three sides sealing kind)
3:38 Cereal packaging machine for third machine (again kind sealing bagging)
5:08 Threee machines working on the identical time
5:50 Test the machine packing with dessicant (three sides sealing approach bagging)
6:56 Test the machine packing with tea (three sides sawtooth sealing kind)
7:51 Test the machine packing with flour(pillow pack kind sealing)
8:53 Machines three pcs run in a row
9:15 Test the machine packing with sunflower seeds( three sides sealing kind)
Low cost sachet packaging machine for small business
computerized 1g to 50g weighing packing machine for powder rice peanuts tea seeds medication granules nails {hardware} filling packaging gear
product mannequin: YX-PF70
Degree of automation: Full Automatic
Voltage: 220v energy: 200W
used for tea bag 60*70mm cusromize the with 60mm
the thickness: 0.5mm-0.8mm
Bag-Making Width: completed product 8CM Coil on 16CM
Bag-Making Length: 0-9CM(adjustable) customizable 12CM
Preision: 0.2G
Dimension: 430*510*1400MM
Weight: 57.5KG
Our Factory since 1992 has been manufacturing the beauty&meals making and packaging equipment.In these subject now we have the expertise wealthy sufficient to resolve the questions encountered by our prospects from each dwelling and overseas.
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