Teknoweb Lotus

1. Equipment Design
Equipment is designed for moist wipes manufacturing from completely different raw-materials varieties.

2. Applied raw-materials.
Spunlace (nonwoven net), cotton, non-woven low-density geo textile.
Material weight: 40-60 g/cm.
Roll dimensions:
Max. drum diameter: 1200mm
Acceptable roll core diameter: 76mm
Max. width of the roll: 500mm

3. machine description.
Unwinding unit with computerized splice
Complete unwinding unit succesful to slit materials in 2 lanes with specified width
Except for lotion tank, the road is supplied with full lotion dosing system.
Complete double system for wipes stacking.
Each unit enjoys impartial servo-motor
Double slitting module, transport belts. The line is supplied with 2 particular cross-folding modules for every separate lane. Each module include folding and intermediate rollers with inner capturing and folding unit.
Stacking unit is supplied with 1 lane stacks aligning unit.
800 lt. made out of ISI 316 chrome steel lotion tank.

3. Product.
Individual wipes stack – for additional packing.
Product specification:
– Length (min – max) – 150-220mm
– Width (min – max) – 120-250mm
– Height – 8-30pcs. however no more than 45mm.

4. Power consumption

Power consumption 15 kWt, 380 V AC 50 hz +grounding.
Compressed air consumption: 70lt/min.

5. Required variety of service folks
Operator – 1 particular person.

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