Single Sachet Wet Wipes Machine

This single sachet moist wipes machine can be utilized to provide the single sachet moist wipes, make up take away wipes, lens Cleaning wipes, moist tissue utilized in airplane or catering companies:
1. Medical d-bridement, first help moist wipes
2. LCD monitor Cleaning moist tissue
3. Auto salon Cleaning
4. Windshield Cleaning
5. Natural leather-based Cleaning (footwear)
6. Furniture Cleaning
7. Tile Cleaning
8. Stove Cleaning
9. Eyeglass Cleaning
10. Nail polish Cleaning
11. Wet wipes (antibacterial)
12. Intimate moist wipes
13. Make up
14. Baby moist wipes (aloe lotion)
15. Baby moist wipes ( chamomile )
16. Baby moist wipes ( almond cream)
17. Baby moist wipes ( antibacterial )
18. New born moist wipes (oil)

Liquid merchandise like : ketchup, mayonnaise, beauty merchandise like liquid cleaning soap or shampoo.

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